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Welcome to the Conference On 9th - 11th June 2021

Prof. William Anangisye,
UDSM Vice Chancello

Dr. Eugenia Kafanabo,
Dean, SoED

Prof. Eustella Bhalalusesa,

Welcome to the International Conference to celebrate 50 years of Adult Education in Tanzania. This conference aims to deliberate on how to revamp national and international momentum for adult education in Tanzania. Accordingly, the conference will offer the opportunity to articulate adult education in harmony with various national and international policies such as Tanzania Development Vision 2025, Sustainable Industrial Development Policy for Tanzania (SIDP 1996-2020) and Sustainable Development Goals.

We would like to thank you for planning to come to the Conference, and we hope this will be an enjoyable experience. This is the first conference of its kind in Tanzania with the aim of reflecting on 50 years of adult education in Tanzania. It is envisaged that conference participants will: explore the various perspectives and contexts related to the promotion of adult education; articulate adult education in harmony with various national and international policies, regulations and declarations; share evidence- based analysis of what works on adult and community education in Tanzania; deliberate on the way forward; and strengthen national and international networks.
The conference will take place in the beautiful city of Dar es Salaam, at the University of Dar es Salaam which is the oldest, largest and most reputable university in Tanzania. Specifically, the conference venue is the University of Dar es Salaam's New Library Hall.
We wish you an enjoyable and productive stay in Dar es Salaam.




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