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  • Objectives and Outcomes of the Conference

This conference aims to deliberate on how to renew national and international momentum for adult education in Tanzania. The conference will offer the opportunity to articulate adult education in harmony with various national and international policies such as Tanzania Development Vision 2025, Sustainable Industrial Development Policy for Tanzania (SIDP 1996-2020) and Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Conference Outputs and Results

i.Conference Proceedings.
ii.Papers in Educational Journal - Special Issue.
iii.Technical Report.
iv.Book on Adult Education

  • Expected Participants

The organizing committee invites participants from diverse backgrounds related to education in general and adult learning and education in particular, participants from public and private educational institutions, governmental organisations, NGOs, CBOs, and others. Specifically, participants  will  include the  academicians,  researchers, practitioners, government and political leaders and students.

  • Conference Activities

The Conference will involve the following activities:

1.Keynote presentations from distinguished scholars and  practitioners  in  adult  education
2.Paper presentations in parallel sessions
3.Panel discussions
5.Launching of Master of Education in Adult Education and Community Development programme: MED (AECD).




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