Nicholas Kuhanga


A follower of Mwalimu Nyerere’s philosophy on Adult education

Ambassador Dr.Nicholas Kuhanga
is one of modern Africa’s leading educational pioneers, a political leader and diplomat. As a young man, Kuhanga was inspired by Julius Nyerere who, as the United Republic of Tanzania’s first president (from 1964-85) and a fellow teacher, identified the need for adult education in a country in which many had grown up during the colonial period without formal schooling. Kuhanga joined the University of Dar es Salaam and was a leader in the implementation of a network of regional learning centres across the country that could be accessed by anyone without previous schooling. He was also elected to Nyerere’s government, serving as a member of parliament from 1965-80. He held the posts of minister of manpower development and minister of education, during which time a campaign was launched to provide schools for all Tanzanian youth. In 1980, Kuhanga was named vice-chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam and oversaw a decade of program expansion. Kuhanga then became the founding vice-chancellor of the Open University of Tanzania and he was an advisor to more than a dozen universities in Tanzania and Africa. He was named Tanzania’s ambassador to what is now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1991-95. He is the father of eight children, one of whom resides in Victoria.


Elinami Swai (Open University of Tanzania) 


Head of Department of Adult and Distance Education 

Prof. Elinami Veraeli Swai is Professor of Education and Fulbright Scholar and has published extensively on gender and women's issues in books and journals. She teaches at the Open University of Tanzania where she also serves as the Director of SADC Centre of Excellence. She has previously taught at the University of Dodoma, University of Toledo and Central Washington University, USA. She holds a PhD in Adult Education and Distance Learning with minor in Gender and Women's Studies from Pennsylvania State University, USA, and Master's and Bachelor's degrees from the University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. Prof. Swai is the author of Beyond Women's Empowerment in Africa (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2010). She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Popular Education in Africa (JOPEA) and the Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies (JAIS).


Wan Xiulan (Zhejiang Normal University)


Professor of comperative and adult education.

 Professor Xiulan Wan, Executive Dean of Institute of International and Comparative Education, ZJNU


Elifas Bisanda (Open University of Tanzania)


A stronger supporter and of Open and Distance Learning

Prof. Elifas Tozo Bisanda is the Vice Chancellor of The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) since 2015. He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Bath, UK (1991), an M.Sc. in Metallurgical Engineering from Cranfield University UK (1984), and a B.Sc. He is the Chairman of the Governing Council for the Institute of Adult Education in Tanzania.  Prof. Bisanda is a strong supporter and promoter of Open and Distance Learning and has been instrumental in the strategic development of ICT mediated learning and management at the Open University of Tanzania.


Heribet Hinzen (Former Director, DVV)


A renown scholar in lifelong learning and international cooperation.

Prof. (H) Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Heribert Hinzen is a former Director, DVV International; Vice President, PIMA. He is a senior consultant on adult education and lifelong learning for sustainable development  and  has been working for DVV International almost four decades in headquarters and offices in Sierra Leone, Hungary, and Lao PDR. He earned a doctorate from the University of Heidelberg, and was awarded honorary doctorates from the University of Pecs in Hungary and the Moldova State University. He serves as Honorary Professor at the Universities of Bucharest, Iasi and Pecs. Earlier he has been VicePresident of the ICAE and the EAEA. He was a Member of the CONFINTEA VI Consultative Group, the UN Literacy Decade Expert Group, and on the German Delegations for the World Education Forum 2000 in Dakar, and 2015 in Incheon. His editorial roles include work for AED, Asia Pacific Education Review, Bildung und Erziehung, International Review of Education. Journal of Lifelong Learning. In 2006 he was invited to the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, and lately he became Honorary Fellow of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.


George Openjuru (Gulu University)


A renown scholar in lifelong learning and international cooperation.

Prof. George L Openjuru is currently Vice Chancellor and Professor of Education at Gulu University. He was formerly Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs at Gulu University and Dean School of Distance and Lifelong Learning, College of Education and External Studies, Makerere University. He was an Associate Professor of Adult and Community Education. His area of specialisation and research is adult literacy education, and Lifelong Learning. He holds a PhD in Education with specific focus on adult literacy education. He has published articles in the area of adult literacy education, lifelong learning, Higher Education, Community Based Participatory Action Research. He taught the following courses at postgraduate level. Theories and philosophy in adult and community education; policy studies in adult and community education, Adult literacy studies, Adult Education and Community Development all at Postgraduate level while still at Makerere University. As part of his University community engagement, George is active in supporting civil society organizations that are engaged in the promotion of adult education in Uganda and Chairperson of Uganda Adult Education Network (UgaAdEN). Partner in the UNESCO Chair on Social Responsibility In Higher Education and Community University Engagement. Coordinator UNESCO Chair of Lifelong Learning Youth and Work Gulu University.

He is presently part of an East African Team working on the TESCEA/SPHEIR Project focusing on enhancing graduate employability for social change in East Africa. He has coordinated a number of projects in the area of adult literacy education, Entrepreneurship Literacies for non-literate out of school youths in Uganda, He was involved with youth entrepreneurship and employability training with many universities in Uganda and UK.


 Frauke Heinze (DVV International)


Senior Desk Officer for East and Southern Africa at DVV Internationa

Ms. Frauke Heinze

 A highly experienced adult education, public health and human rights expert in international cooperation with areas of expertise: human rights approach (to health), social inclusion, health management, health system strengthening, health promotion & prevention (Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, palliative care)

Technically skills acquired: capacity development, project management, concept development and proposal writing, planning & results-based monitoring, situation analyses / needs assessments, coordination & implementation of mainstreaming processes, quality management, lobbying / advocacy of human rights, women and children rights, presentation & facilitation skills.





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